Dominique Job
Technician Dipl. ES


Full professional capacity, daily use.

Elementary ability, ES Technician level.

Mother tongue.








Excellent level in analysis, repair and quality testing of electronic devices.

Long experience in the administration, development and management of an After-Sales Service department.

Long experience in internal and external (international) technical support, as well as in on-site intervention to customers and subcontractors.

Excellent experience in working with R&D, sales, marketing and logistics departments with a very good overview of internal flows and the supply chain.

Excellent experience in quality monitoring and product modifications with extensive experience in supervising quality teams, as well as quality statistics.

Good practice in writing technical manuals and safety procedures.

Good practice in the creation of test material and electronic simulator.

Experience in project management (creation and management of a warranty management tool, technical center for documentation and support, as well as a web shop for spare parts). 

Good practice in the training provided to customers, sub -treatant, as well as to collaborators.

Good level in PC installation and administration. 

Good practice in the installation and configuration of digital access systems.

Good knowledge in the field of RF modulation, satellite, cable and terrestrial (TNT). 

Experience in the field of computer security by digital signature of software.

Good practice in 19 "rack mounting and cabling. 

Mastery of electronic soldering techniques including SMD (IPC Certification). 

Experience in Jtag applications.

Excellent command of the environment and Windows and Office tools.

Excellent practice of ERP Strategic Elementary knowledge of SQL bases.

Elementary knowledge of CAD tools (Orcad). 

Elementary knowledge of HTML, C ++, Assembler, Turbo Pascal, Basic and VHDL programming languages. ​​

Experience in the administration of VLAN computer networks.

Good personal practice in the 'administration and creation of website. Good knowledge of internet tools, OpenElement, Dreamweaver and hosting.

Knowledge of acoustic physics, recording techniques, microphone, sound system, analog / digital formats, editing consoles, MIDI , MP3 processing, as well as good studio practice

Excellent knowledge and personal practice of Digital video shooting and editing, as well as aerial video (drone).

Good knowledge of digital video compression standards (wavelet, Mpeg2, Mpeg4) as well as DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T standards.

Mastery of digital video broadcast tools (Multiplexer). 

Excellent knowledge of photographic technics and light shaping.

Good personal knowledge of technologies related to renewable energies, particularly in the photovoltaic field.

Company first aid worker with good practice in team management.